I wonder if Steve’s ever been in the middle of sex and got mixed up shouting “fuck” and “Bucky” and instead yelled “FUCKY.”

(Oh, fucky, I slipped and made a fic)

Not only is Tony Stark an A+ human being and benevolent kazillionaire who built all his best superhero friends an entire luxury apartment building/playground/arsenal in downtown Manhattan, but he is also an engineer. Do people forget about that? He never does. So not only did he design the building, he designed it with a lot of soundproofing and, as a final gesture of benevolence and hospitality, he made goddamned sure that none of the fucking beds squeaked. Especially not the bed in the suite above the theater, which now belongs to Cap. Tony personally tested it. Ok, not personally, but in person? Better? Yeah, he was there, that’s what he’s getting at. And there wasn’t any squeaking. Nor did Jarvis report any sound leakage of any kind, and while Jarvis is programmed to be incredibly tactful, he is not programmed to be a complete lying bastard, and Tony is going to have to look into that. Probably soon.

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